Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Challenging Crosspatch Puzzle Academic Science
Periodic Table Crosspatch Puzzle

Crosspatch puzzles are fun to play with because they may seem simple, at first, but  depending upon the puzzle, there might be more challenges than first thought. This Periodic Table crosspatch puzzle is an example of that.

First, you need to decide which word has either the last number of letters, or the most number of letters, and then fill in the correct blanks in the grid.  Next, similar to the regular crossword puzzles, use letters in the words to locate the elements that share that letter.

Challenge your creativity by doing puzzles!

The Puzzle Book Ninja Team

Challenging Word Search - Periodic Table of Elements

Challenging Word Search Puzzle - Academic Chemistry
Periodic Table Elements Word Search Puzzle

Can you complete this word search? Challenge yourself to see how long it takes to complete this challenging Periodic Table of Elements word search puzzle that has 2 more hidden words in the grid, that are not in the word search list.

Not only is it challenging to find the words that are listed, but of you are not sure of which 2 of the remaining chemical elements are included in the word search!

Challenge creativity by completing puzzles!

The Puzzle Book Ninja Team

Monday, March 26, 2018

Periodic Table Academic Vocabulary

Periodic Table Elements Crosswords
Periodic Table of Elements Crossword Puzzle

One of the challenges in high school for students learning academic science vocabulary, especially in chemistry, is the list of Periodic Table words. As of this post, and the creation of our 70+ puzzles, the number of Periodic Table of Elements is 118! That's a lot of vocabulary to learn.

This Periodic Table Elements crossword puzzle supports consolidation, or learning, of at least 20 chemical elements. From the across and down clues, determine what each chemical symbol means and then place the answer in the grid.

It's fun to challenge the brain with puzzles. Challenge family and friends, too!

Your Puzzle Book Ninja Team

Easter Mazes

Flower shaped Easter Maze
Easter Maze

Our Puzzle Book Ninjas as so excited to share our most recent mazes to help celebrate Easter. We have created a number of Easter themed mazes to delight kids of all ages.

Did you know that mazes help kids with fine motor skills? By creating a path through the maze, kids need to stay within the lines because the path from beginning to end does not cross over any lines.

So, kids must be extra careful when drawing the path. And, it's this skill that helps with the fine motor skills!

Happy Easter!
Puzzle Book Ninja

Looking For Kid Friendly ClipART?

Our Puzzle Book Ninjas have been hard at work over the first few months of 2018, and have created so many new puzzles, and discovered so many new things. The Scrappin' Doodles is one of our discoveries that is sure to delight your creativity!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Freeform Crossword Puzzle - Christmas Themed

Christmas Freeform Crossword Puzzle

 Our Puzzle Book Ninjas love the challenge of the Christmas Freeform Crossword Puzzle.

Words are organized by the number of letters in each word.  Now, the blanks need to filled in with the words.  Sometimes getting started can be difficult. 

Choose a word with either the least number of letters, or the most number of letters and start filling in the blanks with that Christmas word.

Sure to delight puzzle solvers of all ages, this Christmas freeform crossword puzzle is sure to engage the brain and help to keep it healthy!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Cryptolist Puzzle

Christmas Decoder Ring Cryptolist Puzzle

Puzzle Book Ninja's Christmas cryptolist puzzle is sure to delight puzzle solvers around the world.

Each word has a unique letter substitution pattern.  Use the decoder ring to determine the shift in the ring:  either right or left and up to 3 positions.

Then, using the pattern, decrypt the Christmas words to solve the puzzle.

Create activity to engage the brain and to challenge family and friends to see who can be the first to complete the puzzle. 

Download this free, printable cryptolist puzzle.