Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Puzzled? Try This End of School Year Word Search Challenge

End of School Year Word Search Puzzle

Kids love to be creative with word search puzzles.  Not only do they love to make them, they love to solve them.  This end of school year word search puzzle is sure to keep them engaged. 

Here are some ideas to make it more challenging:
l. hide the word bank
2. print off extra copies and play with friends to see who can be the first one to complete the puzzle
3. print off extra copies and play with parents and siblings to see who can be the first one to complete the puzzle
4. increase the challenge for the adults by hiding the list of words, while keeping the word bank visible for the kids
5. work together in teams, with and without the list of words visible, to see which team is the first to complete the puzzle

Puzzles support brain health and make learning fun without kids knowing it!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Word Fit For the End of the School Year

End of Year Word Fit Puzzle

Did you know that kids can get the best of both the word search puzzle and crossword puzzle worlds? 

Word fit puzzles are a combination, or hybrid, of these two types of engaging puzzles. 

To solve the puzzle, review the list of words in the word bank.  Since words can go up, down, forward, backward and diagonally, first choose words that are obvious answers for the box shapes in the circled areas.  For example: there are two 4-letter words in this puzzle. Decide which word makes most sense when it intersects with two other words in the grid.

Continue using this strategy to complete the puzzle.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

All Jumbled UP!

End of School Year Jumbled Letters Puzzle

The brain work wonders when it comes to unscrambling things to make sense of what we see in front of us.

Our end of school year jumbled letters puzzle is a hit with kids and educators.  Kids love puzzles because they are fun to do, fun to share, fun to create! 

Educators love puzzles because they engage kids' brains, help to build spelling skills and new vocabulary, while activating problem solving strategies without kids even know they are learning!

Solve the puzzle by unscrambling the letters to form end of school year words. Note that some questions might be more than one word.  Remember to leave spaces between the words.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Freeform Crossword Puzzle

End of Year Freeform Crossword Puzzle

What do standard crossword puzzles and freeform crossword puzzles have in common?  ANSWER: The grid is shaped like a crossword puzzle that needs puzzle solvers to fill in the blanks with words.

To solve the puzzle, the list of words in the word bank need to be placed in the correct location in the grid.  This puzzle has some letter hints, which helps to jump start the solution.  Fill in these blanks with the correct answer.

Once the four words have been filled in, then look for other letter intersections between words and put them in the correct place in the grid.

Kids love puzzles as it helps keep them engaged and gives them something that they can share with friends and family.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Brain Teaser Challenge

End of School Year Vocabulary Cryptolist

Kids love a challenge and what better way to keep them engaged towards the end of the school year, when summer is around the corner, and educators are pulling their hair out because 'kids just wanna have fun'!

Engage kids with end of school year cryptolist puzzles that are sure to keep them focused for hours of fun.

Cryptolist puzzles are like cryptograms, only they are not quotes or sentences.  They are an encrypted list of words around a theme.  In this case, it's the end of the school year.

Some puzzles have letter hints, others puzzles do not.  Use differentiated instruction in the classroom as needed.

End of School Year Crossword

End of School Year Crossword Puzzle

At a time of year when kids are anxious to be out and about enjoying the weather and educators are feeling like the kids are not engaged, change it up a bit with our end of year crossword puzzles.

Using the across and down clues, write the correct words in the numbered grid.

To start solving the crossword puzzle first find all the clues that have a blank space, as that usually means it's a missing word.  Next, look for clues that make sense. For example: a clue might ask for the 'opposite of something', or the 'plural of a noun', or a 'common activity' most kids love to do in the summer, like swim.

Continue filling in the blanks, using intersecting letters as additional clues.

End of School Year Puzzles

End of School Year Crosspatch Puzzle

When it's that time of year again and kids are anxious to finish off the school year and educators are ready to pull their hair out, then it's time to check our Puzzle Book Ninja team's crosspatch puzzle collection for end of the school year.

Our collection of crosspatch puzzles are a great way to keep the brain engaged while continuing to challenge their problem solving skills.

The words in the word bank need to be placed in the blank boxes in the grid. 

Since no hints are given, the challenge is real!

There are also some great ideas for summer time fun!