Thursday, November 30, 2017

Boggle Game Puzzles-One of the Newest Additions to Our Puzzle Collection

Boggle Printable Puzzle
 These puzzles just boggle the mind!

Check out the newest addition to our family of puzzle types.  These Boggle game puzzles challenge and engage the brain big time!

Using only the letters in the 4x4 grid, record your words in the spaces provided.  In this case, there are 84 Boggle game answers.

The Puzzle Book Ninjas have been hard a work to create three bundles to choose from:

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle A - 20-50 words

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle B - 51-75 words 

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle C - 76-125 words

Exercise the brain and challenge the mind! 

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